Going Green

One of the initiatives that we have decided to bring in within the last few years is an initiative to source many of our materials from those who recycle unused materials. There are many materials including wood that are considered recycled or used, even if the materials themselves haven’t been used. One example of this would be wood. While it is not considered a recyclable material, there is a reason that wood can still be reused and recycled after initial purchase.

When it comes to the largest of projects, there will be many times a building or construction company will order a surplus of materials. This includes wood, metals, plastics and even other types of products that can be used for other projects. We intentionally purchase these unused materials to make sure that they do not go to waste.

When you consider the amount of wood that is wasted year on year by people ordering surplus materials, this is significantly worse when you consider the number of trees that are cut down around the world year on year. There are so many trees that are cut down and so many wasted trees, that it is difficult to imagine the amount of damage that is done in the world. This is increased significantly when you calculate the amount of wasted wood from all those trees.

While it is impossible to just replenish all the wood that was taken from trees being cut, it is possible to ensure that the waste itself is repaired. There is a way to ensure that the waste is postponed. Using materials that would otherwise be considered waste will be a great way to solve this issue. It’s also the only way to ensure that the overall deforestation of the forests and trees around the world can be protected indirectly.

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